Watchkin Auto-Redirect Browser Add-on

What is it?

The Watchkin Auto-Redirect add-on is the simplest and most preferred way to go to a cleaned up version of your video page. It's slightly more complicated to get setup than the Watchkinize bookmarklet button, but has the following benefits over the bookmarklet:

How do I install it?

Here is a quick how-to video that shows how to install it. It's made with Firefox, but most of it applies to the other browsers as well:

Redirect script demo

The 2 main steps are:

  1. Install a Greasemonkey-compatible add-on/extension in your browser. Pick your platform below:
    • Chrome (Desktop): Install the TamperMonkey extension for Chrome.
      It's is discouraged to install the userscript natively in Chrome without Tampermonkey as that makes a few features unavailable.
    • Firefox (Desktop): Install the GreaseMonkey Add-on for Firefox.
    • Safari (Desktop): Install the TamperMonkey Add-on for Safari.
    • Internet Explorer (Desktop): No reliable add-on found yet.
    • Chrome (Mobile): No reliable add-on found yet.
    • Firefox (Mobile): No reliable add-on found yet.
    • Safari (Mobile): No reliable add-on found yet.
  2. Install the Auto-Redirect Script into your Greasemonkey add-on using the button below.
    (You may need to restart or refresh your browser after installing the script in order for redirecting to start.)

Can I turn off the script for certain situations?

Yes. In the new menu for Greasemonkey at the top of your browser, find the name of the script - "Watchkin Auto-Redirect" and toggle it off and then reload the page. This will stop all redirecting and link converting until you toggle it back on and refresh the page. If you don't have other Greasemonkey scripts running, you can also just toggle the "Enabled" menu item in the Greasemonkey menu in some browsers, which dims the browser icon so you can easily see that it is disabled.

Can I turn off the option to Auto-Redirect Youtube searches?

Yes. In the new menu for Greasemonkey at the top of your browser, there should be a menu item that says "Stop Redirecting Searches". If you click that and then refresh your page, it should stop redirecting searches, but will continue to redirect video pages.