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God's Story: Armor of God

by Crossroads Kids' Club • 4 years ago193,002 views • 3:45

In Ephesians 6:10-17, the Bible tells us that when we follow God, the devil will target us and try to get us to turn away. The good news is, God provides us with ...


God's Story: Ruth

by Crossroads Kids' Club • 2 years ago144,919 views • 3:35

When a woman named Ruth decided she wanted to follow God, she got to be part of God's family. Find out what happened in the book of Ruth. Check out more ...


God’s Story: Joshua Becomes Leader

by Crossroads Kids' Club • 3 years ago106,067 views • 3:36

God had a special plan for his family, but they had a hard time trusting him. A guy named Joshua trusted God with his whole heart, and God chose him to be the ...


God's Story: Gideon

by Crossroads Kids' Club • 1 year ago76,678 views • 4:21

When God rescued his family from a nation called Midian, he did it through a guy named Gideon. At first, Gideon didn't think he was strong enough to lead God's ...


God's Story: Zacchaeus

by Crossroads Kids' Club • 2 years ago77,012 views • 3:12

Zacchaeus was a tax collector who had no friends because he took people's money to make himself rich. Jesus showed him love, and it changed his life.


God's Story: Nehemiah

by Crossroads Kids' Club • 2 years ago72,242 views • 4:30

God wants to make old things new and fix things that are broken. That's good news for us! You can learn more about it in the book of Nehemiah and 2 ...


God's Story: David and Saul

by Crossroads Kids' Club • 2 years ago106,303 views • 4:06

You may have heard of David before: the little shepherd boy who stood up to the massive warrior Goliath and won. But that isn't the whole story; in fact, that's ...


God's Story: John the Baptist

by Crossroads Kids' Club • 5 years ago263,843 views • 4:04

John the Baptist was a man who prepared people for Jesus' rescue and taught them to follow him. You can read about his story in Matthew 3 and 11. There's all ...


God's Story: Paul

by Crossroads Kids' Club • 5 years ago335,128 views • 3:58

Part of God's story is about Paul. He went from hating people who loved Jesus to becoming someone who loved Jesus. Quite a change! He would spend the rest ...


God's Story | Jesus

by Crossroads Kids' Club • 1 year ago76,652 views • 4:46

Jesus was completely human, but ALSO completely God! That means He was perfect, and never did anything wrong. He ate and slept and had friends just like ...


Love Crashed Into the World (with Lyrics)

by Crossroads Kids' Club • 6 years ago39,789 views • 4:32

Jesus came to rescue us in the most unexpected way. Download the video by going to https://vimeo.com/54176139 Check out more videos (and other cool stuff) ...


God's Story: Peter

by Crossroads Kids' Club • 4 years ago78,615 views • 4:10

Peter bravely followed Jesus. Here are just a few of the things he did. You can read about Peter's time with Jesus in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. You can also ...