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Mesopotamia The Development of Written Language

by Tim Sexton • 5 years ago332,914 views • 11:59

In the area between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers, the Sumerians developed a written language. Examine how they carved cuneiform characters into clay ...


America s Early Years An American Nation Begins

by Tim Sexton • 5 years ago7,938 views • 15:27

This program examines some of the practices of government in the United States during the period 1789-1792 by focusing on the extension, restriction, and ...


CC 2,000 Years of Chinese History! EDITED The Mandate of Heavan and Confucius World History

by Tim Sexton • 4 years ago521 views • 11:51

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)


Mesopotamia From Nomads to Farmers

by Tim Sexton • 5 years ago20,046 views • 13:59

Explore the agricultural practices and technological devices that led to the rise of civilization in Mesopotamia. Meet the nomadic people who became farmers.


The Earliest Human Migration

by Tim Sexton • 5 years ago8,329 views • 4:58

Early world history is examined. Beginning with early human migrations out of Africa, the video series discusses the discovery of the body of an ancient man in ...


Birthday marriage proposal

by Tim Sexton • 3 years ago507 views • 1:27


My first 3 d printed drone

by Tim Sexton • 4 years ago73 views • 1:30


Five Themes Geography 2

by Tim Sexton • 3 years ago26,057 views • 17:45

The Five Themes of Geography 100% Educational Videos, 2004 . Full Video. Discovery Education. Web. 27 September 2015.


Christianity from Judaism to Constantine Crash Course World History #11

by Tim Sexton • 4 years ago1,804 views • 11:37


Ch 6 Storied Liberation--Story of the Israelites quest for freedom

by Tim Sexton • 5 years ago357 views • 21:20

Storied Liberation" examines the ancient quest for freedom that took place in the burning sands of Egypt and its long-ranging influence.


Xponential expo

by Tim Sexton • 3 years ago33 views • 0:55


DMS 6th grade STEM + EV3 robots

by Tim Sexton • 2 years ago98 views • 0:40

Learning how to brick program the LEGO EV3 Robots.