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Mesopotamia The Development of Written Language

by Tim Sexton • 5 years ago329,618 views • 11:59

In the area between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers, the Sumerians developed a written language. Examine how they carved cuneiform characters into clay ...


Mesopotamia From Nomads to Farmers

by Tim Sexton • 5 years ago19,808 views • 13:59

Explore the agricultural practices and technological devices that led to the rise of civilization in Mesopotamia. Meet the nomadic people who became farmers.


America s Early Years An American Nation Begins

by Tim Sexton • 5 years ago7,856 views • 15:27

This program examines some of the practices of government in the United States during the period 1789-1792 by focusing on the extension, restriction, and ...


CC 2,000 Years of Chinese History! EDITED The Mandate of Heavan and Confucius World History

by Tim Sexton • 4 years ago519 views • 11:51

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)


Birthday marriage proposal

by Tim Sexton • 2 years ago478 views • 1:27


The Earliest Human Migration

by Tim Sexton • 5 years ago8,070 views • 4:58

Early world history is examined. Beginning with early human migrations out of Africa, the video series discusses the discovery of the body of an ancient man in ...


My first 3 d printed drone

by Tim Sexton • 3 years ago71 views • 1:30


The Agricultural Revolution Crash Course World History #1

by Tim Sexton • 4 years ago291 views • 11:11


Five Themes Geography 2

by Tim Sexton • 3 years ago25,641 views • 17:45

The Five Themes of Geography 100% Educational Videos, 2004 . Full Video. Discovery Education. Web. 27 September 2015.


Ch 6 Storied Liberation--Story of the Israelites quest for freedom

by Tim Sexton • 5 years ago356 views • 21:20

Storied Liberation" examines the ancient quest for freedom that took place in the burning sands of Egypt and its long-ranging influence.


Xponential expo

by Tim Sexton • 3 years ago33 views • 0:55


BP video

by Tim Sexton • 3 years ago784 views • 0:58